Learning To Learn

Að læra að læra - með sjálfseflingu

Learning strategies - Goalsetting - Self empowerment

Makes all studies easier and more fun

Að læra að læra bókkápa

About The Book

What is Learning to learn, Að læra að læra - með sjálfseflingu?

This is a textbook (only available in Icelandic for now) for teens on how to make use of learning strategies as well as the methodology of coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy to improve their performance at school, and at the same time engaging their self confidence and happy feelings.

For the sake of giving the students the very best opportunity to adopt the strategies in this book and internalize them to become their personal habits, the students need to have a personal copy of the book as their own. There are many worksheets to be filled out in the book and thought-provoking questions to be answered, as well as exercises to be dealt with.

Að læra að læra - með sjálfseflingu / Learning to learn, has also proved to be a great help at home, when parents want to help their teenager to do better in school and to enhance his or her self confidence.

Even though the script for Að læra að læra - með sjálfseflingu / Learning to learn is aimed towards teens, many young adults as well as adult students are known to be using this book like a guide for their studies.

This book is published by Namstaekni ehf, namstaekni.is

You can order it directly from Namstaekni ehf.

The price of the book is ISK 4990.-

For further information contact namstaekni@namstaekni.is

Picture of Jóna
Jona Saetran, M.Ed., PCC coach

Jona Saetran

Jona Saetran's goal with this book Að læra að læra - með sjálfseflingu / Learning to learn, is to help teens to become more self confident, to feel good about themselves, to live a joyful and happy life.

Through Jona's decades of experience in teaching, she finds it of great importance that teaching and education in general help students to feel they can master their schoolwork with ease. Many teens find schoolwork difficult but guided to use effective learning strategies and easy to follow goalsetting, things can start to change for the better. Their self confidence gets stronger and they feel so much better about themselves. Life gets better that way.

Jona makes use of the methodology of Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and more to help teens to a happier life. Jona finds it urgent that teens get the help they need, not only to do well in their schoolwork, but also in their personal life. That's the reason for the texts and methods here in the book on how to get through difficult times, how to calm your negative thoughts and anxiety.

Since 1998 Jona Saetran has been assisting her clients and students to find more joy in their life. Jona sincerely believes that the content of this book can help teens to find more joy and happiness, both in their schoolwork and in their personal life.

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